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Street shoes man

Enjoy the comfort without sacrificing style with street shoes for men

The style is not at odds with the comfort and in this section we demonstrate it yourself. VengaVen.com puts at your disposal a wide variety of slippers of street with a style current and modern with which complement your look of the day to day. The higher quality of this type of footwear is also its great comfort. With any of the models available in this section you and your feet you will feel ready to face each day with energy.

Do not hesitate and enjoy every step with VengaVen.com shoes. And remember, for purchases over € 30 shipping leaves you completely free. Take advantage of the occasion. You're just a few clicks of your ideal shoe.

  • ANDY-Z color JEANS - rubber-toed canvas sneakers Converse type
    19,95 € See
  • ANDY-Z black - mens Rubber toe canvas sneakers
    19,95 € See
  • ANDY Z all black - Black - canvas sneakers of man-toed rubber cords
    19,95 € See
  • ANDY-Z 8865 canvas black/white - Bambas type Vans with free postage
    19,95 € See